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Why FairTax?
  • Taxing spending revives the economy whereas taxing income destroys it.
  • The behemoth IRS organization is out of control.  The sheer amount and complexity of tax regulations is oppressive.
  • Simplify government.  Let citizens decide how to be taxed instead of government manipulation through tax code.
HR25 Fair Tax Act - Let your voice be heard
  • 95% nationwide support
  • click on the HR25 link above
  • select "support this bill"
  • abolish the IRS within seven years!!!
Visit the national website at www.fairtax.org.

Freedom Caucus attack IRS

Send your IRS horror stories to info@abolishirs.org (stories posted anonymously).

Get involved and make FairTax a reality in your lifetime.

Time to fire the IRS!

How much tax do we really pay?  About 50%  No way!  Way.

Two things Dems & Republicans agree on - war and debt.  They won't be passing any FairTax resolutions in the near future.  Time for a revolution.

Something Far Better

FairTax is a solution to the current economic woes.  

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